Angel Nitrava

Born: 22.5.2003

Died: 17.3.2011

ANGEL Nitrava (nicknamed Angie) was born on 22.5.2003 in Nitra. When we built our family house, we decided to purchase a Hovawart. ANGIE was our first dog love, he taught us about this breed quite a lot and helped us to get into breeding. We are thankful that he could be part of our family as his kind character made him loved by everyone, although he had guarding skills in his blood as well. Unfortunately, after Angel became a stud dog at the age of 2,5 years old, he started to suffer from health problems resulting in hypothyroidism. After determining the right diagnosis Angie was prescribed the right medications. He recovered from the previous health issues. However, he was removed from the list of stud dogs since hypothyroidism is prevalently a hereditary disease. Given these issues experienced with Angie, we were determined to breed not only beautiful Hovawarts, but mainly look into the lineages, inspect the pedigrees carefully and focus on the health and well-being of the Hovawarts. All of our long-term experiences and knowledge are put to use in breeding in order to obtain a healthy individual with a typical character of a Hovawart.

Painful news was broken to us in the November 2012. ANGEL was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, due to which he passed away on 17th March 2011. He will be forever remembered as a kind soul whom we loved immensely and still do.